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Best-Self Series: A Preamble

by Lauren Fischbuch |

At AURA, we talk a lot about the concept of best self. We deeply believe that only when you feel your best and look your best can you truly become your best self – the person you want to be.

I love gardening and with each passing season I’m learning that beautiful, healthy flowers and an abundant crop of fresh vegetables require more than planting a seed. My garden needs healthy soil, rich with microbes to provide a lifeline for my plants. It needs a biodiversity of plants and insects, like bumble bees, to prevent disease and encourage pollination. Plants need to be loved and cared for – a stressed plant is not its best self. It needs ample water, sunlight and the right soil. Tending to a garden is akin to caring for ourselves. There is no one solution on the path to our best selves. We need to provide holistic support for our physical, emotional and mental well being; each element works in unison with the other.

At AURA, we’re on a quest to be a part of your journey in becoming your best-self. In our Best-Self series we’re going to dig into some elements on mental well-being. We’ll look at how you can harness your mind’s super powers to become a better version of you – from changing habits, to the power of saying no to maintaining a sense of balance in your life. We hope you enjoy!

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