The Evolution of Aura Inner Beauty with Refreshed Packaging

Why are we making the switch to Biotre's sustainable packaging?

With most compostable packaging on the market derived from corn, it was extremely hard to find a sustainable pouch that protected the ingredients from oxidation and still offered a premium aesthetic. We have found something in the middle that is 60% compostable, called Biotre, which is made out of durable, wood pulp. The other 40% uses a polyurethane liner (plastic) to protect the packaging from oxidation, but also includes a special derivative to break down the liner within 5 – 10 years, rather than the 1,000 years it would normally take. All of our sample packaging will use the same material go forward as well.

Another problem with compostable products is that many require the use of a commercial composter, but in reality, not everyone disposes of these products in compostable bins. So that product doesn't actually breakdown. With our product, you can use it in your home composter or send it straight to the landfill, where it will naturally run its course.

While we know 60% isn’t 100%, you can rest assured that our products will always be safely protected and that we are committed to making sustainability top of mind on our own journey.

Why did we change the products names and refresh the design of the pouches?

A note from our Founder, Avalon Lukacs, "When I first started Aura Inner Beauty it was a personal story of how the ingredients in Radiance, now Inner Beauty, helped heal my skin from within after dealing with cystic acne for several years. As I continued to go through life and heal my skin, I realized that the concept of inner beauty is so much more than that, it's about the energy you exude and about how mentally capable you feel. The names are a natural evolution for the brand as we aim to connect the inner beauty of your skin, body, and mind holistically." 

Aura is a beautiful word. It is the light that emanates from within. It's the energy that you feel, without knowing exactly where it is coming from. It's an essence and experience all rolled into one. That's why it is so important that our packaging creates a new, more immersive brand experience that better represents your journey to wellness, while emanating the beauty of your Aura.

What does ingredient transparency mean in the supplement industry? 

We are now moving away from the use of ‘proprietary blends’ and towards listing each ingredient with its medicinal quantity. While we worked very hard towards our custom formulations, we now realize the only way to encourage better discussion and education within the wellness industry is through transparency.

You’ll now see on our packaging each ingredient listed, it’s quantity, and if applicable, the extract ratio and Dry Herb Equivalent (DHE). The DHE is important, because something like the ingredient turmeric found in Inner Balance, may be the last ingredient listed but is equivalent to 4000mg, which is almost a full teaspoonmore than most superfood turmeric blends. 

Potency matters. Our products are unique in that they focus on making meaningful and positive long-term impacts to your overall wellness in an industry where so many products focus on using the latest trending ingredients or treating buzzworthy issues in the short-term. You can’t build great wellness with products like matcha powders, superfood latte blends, vitamin gummies or mushrooms on their own—in fact many of these products go unregulated and unfortunately claim to do more than they should.

At Aura, it can take us any where up to 2 years to bring a new product to market. While the process to create, formulate and test a new product is extensive, all of our products must also go through Health Canada’s rigorous regulatory process—because our products are to meant to have a profound impact on your overall wellness, using medicinal level ingredients that are regulated and approved by Health Canada.

We can't wait to show you what's next...

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