Our Philosophy

An Inner Beauty is an undeniable energy and personality which is authentically you. It's that special something every person has that they exude when they walk into a room. It's the perfect mix of sophisticated and sexy, confident but humble, smart yet authentic. But sometimes, the stresses of every day life get in the way of our aura's ability to really shine. We get too busy; we over-commit, drink too much coffee, lose track of our health goals...we just get off balance.

At Aura Inner Beauty, our goal is to keep your inner beauty shining no matter what. We create ingestible beauty products that help you push through and reach whatever peak you're climbing to on that emotional or physical mountain. While the beauty industry abounds with topical oils, creams, elixirs and cosmetics, we approach beauty from a different angle. We believe in nourishing your beauty from within. Providing your body with the very best nutritional foundation will make you feel great, give your skin a radiance that is hard to accomplish with topical products alone, and provide the digestive support your body needs. 

We ensure all of our products use organic ingredients and are free from synthetic fillers, gluten, artificial flavours, preservatives, colours, additives, nuts, lactose, dairy or sugar. All of our products contain our digestive blend which helps to heal a "leaky gut" caused by disruptors in our everyday life.
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