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Avalon became passionate about ingestible beauty because it allowed her to take back control of her life.  Avalon is the person with the reputation for taking on more than seems humanly possible. She’s the woman working a million miles per minute with multiple things on the go – simultaneously working a full-time job, taking night classes and starting a business – undoubtedly, she suffered from high stress levels, hormonal acne and digestive issues. Unwilling to give up her busy lifestyle (that’s how she likes it!), instead she made time for exercising and focused on eating healthy, but her skin and digestive issues persisted.

Avalon experimented with most beauty products on the market to try to improve her skin. When Avalon wasn’t seeing results, she began researching the chemical makeup of the products she was using. She started to learn the hidden truth on the harmful effects of many ingredients in mainstream beauty products. Avalon quickly realized her perception of the beauty industry was very misconstrued.

Resolving to find a more holistic approach to solving her skin and digestive issues, Avalon began to learn that digestive issues such as a leaky gut could be the culprit behind her skin problems. Through her research she learned that her healing process would involve supporting her digestive system; providing her gut with good bacteria via probiotics and supporting those probiotics with prebiotics. Avalon began taking a proper, whole foods digestive blend and in no time the “hormonal” acne she had been battling for years was gone, her digestive system was working again, her energy levels increased and she had no more bloating.

This experience was a turning point for Avalon; her newfound love for effective digestive blends with a focus on other nutrient-rich skincare foods is why she wanted to create Aura.  Now, as a mother of twins, life is definitely not going to slow down any time soon for Avalon and she’s so happy she finally knows what she needs for a better, healthier her.  


An avid hiker, gym-goer, cook and gardener, for as long as she can remember, Lauren has been passionate about all things health and has always strived to maintain a sense of balance in her life. However, despite her best efforts, she had no idea that the seemingly innocuous birth control pill she had been taking for years had actually been wreaking havoc on her body, completely upsetting her hormone balance.

When Lauren was ready to start a family she stopped taking the pill. Months passed and she was still not menstruating. She received a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS); she was gaining weight despite no changes to her fitness level and diet; she was told she would struggle to conceive naturally.

Puzzled by what she was experiencing and desperate to rebalance her body from within, Lauren began supplementing her diet with every herb and superfood that showed evidence of supporting hormone function. Nearly 1 year after stopping the pill, Lauren finally began menstruating again. An ultrasound revealed a perfectly normal reproductive system (putting to rest the misdiagnosis of PCOS), the excess weight disappeared and she went on to have two children without issue.

This experience compelled Lauren to consider the many other hidden ways she was impacting her body’s natural function –disruptors in the environment such as toxins in cosmetics and additives in food. Lauren began to recognize that she alone had control over what she put into her body and from then on sought to nourish it in the most holistic way possible.

Life is hectic though and including all the key superfoods and herbs into her diet was time-consuming; Lauren was eager to find an easier way for women to nourish their beauty from within. In creating Aura Inner Beauty, Lauren is delighted that she and Avalon have created a line of products complete with probiotics, prebiotics and powerhouse blends of nutrients to support a myriad of the common health and beauty struggles we all face, so now more women can have the bio-nourishment they need to feel, look and be their best selves.