When the Stars Align

Aura's partnership is the story of two hard-working women passionate about health and wellness. Originally this began as a partnership between fellow students who met during their Masters of Business program in an entrepreneurship course. Together they wanted to create uncompromising nutritional beauty products – products to match and support the fast-paced and ambitious lifestyle like themselves who want it all. Our founder, Avalon Lukacs, always had the long-term vision for Aura and decided to pursue the solo adventure of entrepreneurship on her own.

Voila, Aura Inner Beauty was born!

Meet our founder

Avalon Lukacs, MBA

Former green beauty retailer

Raising the next generation of gentlemen (twin boy mama)

Avalon is the person with the reputation for taking on more than seems humanly possible. She’s the woman working a million miles per minute with multiple things on the go.  It’s only fitting that she would also end up being a Mom to twin boys.  But eventually something's got to give… she started experiencing an array of issues from hormonal acne, inflammation and digestive issues. Confused by what was happening to her normally healthy body, she was determined to figure out what was causing it and how to fix it permanently.  After in-depth research about plant based supplements, probiotics, and prebiotics she was able to address the root of her problems.  Upon this newfound knowledge she knew there had to be other women struggling with similar issues and became determined to find a solution for all.