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Meet Our Founder

Avalon Lukacs, MBA

Former green beauty retailer  |  Twin boy mama

Inspired by green beauty, Avalon’s entrepreneurial health and wellness journey started almost by accident, when looking to replace her traditional beauty products with those made up of all-natural ingredients. To her surprise, it was much more difficult to shop for natural beauty products from brands that she could trust than she would have ever thought. For this reason, Avalon followed her gut and launched her own green beauty retail store in Canada in which she would hand-pick boutique, all-natural products that her clients could trust.

Between managing her entrepreneurial business, working towards her MBA and caring for her twin boys, Avalon felt her physical and mental well-being, and her overall health, deteriorating through it all. After exhausting most all-natural topical oils, creams and cosmetics in an attempt to conceal the internal unrest that was surfacing, she came to realize that she must do more by embracing both her health and beauty holistically, from the inside-out.

In her quest for an ingestible beauty product that would nurture her digestive health and beauty, being a naturally creative and passionate entrepreneur, Avalon followed her gut once again by launching AURA Inner Beauty. By stretching the boundaries of what is possible and sometimes doing things differently, Avalon and her team carefully curated their own ingestible beauty products using sophisticated formulas that include premium, organic ingredients. Each beauty blend offers its own unique benefits on the belief that a resilient body and a brilliant mind are just as beautiful as radiant skin.

Fast forward to 2020, serial health and wellness entrepreneur Avalon Lukacs, founder of AURA Inner Beauty and creator of ingestible beauty products, is leading the next generation towards viewing health and beauty holistically by nourishing your beauty from within.