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Our Story

AURA | Nourish Your Beauty From Within

AURA Inner Beauty is redefining the way we think about beauty and its relationship to our overall health and wellness. A new world of science is changing our preconception that beauty is only skin-deep. Turns out, it's not only genetics, topical creams and skin treatments, but just as important about what we put in our body – fact is, beauty goes way beyond skin-deep.

AURA Inner Beauty creates premium inner beauty products that nourish your beauty from within while connecting your body, mind and soul as your own healthy, vibrant AURA.

We simplify your health and wellness journey with unique, comprehensive and easy-to-take inner beauty products that help you rise to the occasion of your every-day, fast-paced, modern lifestyles.

AURA's inspiration not only revolves around one’s personal journey, but also credits all of the authentic, beautiful women that empower inclusivity, encourage body confidence and embrace self-love, as their own inner beauty – our health is non-negotiable and the greatest equalizer when it comes to our skin, body, and mind.

For a truly healthy, vibrant AURA – you must first nourish your beauty from within.

Avalon Lukacs, MBA | Redefining Inner Beauty

After years trying to conceal, mask and treat a myriad of skin issues, Avalon realized that one day all of those problems had gone away – her skin not only looked the best it had in years, but she also felt her best.

The first step to healing her skin from within, and truly understanding the effects of a leaky gut, started with adding in a diverse blend of probiotics into her already healthy diet. The results of those simple dietary changes were noticeable almost immediately – a true 'aha' moment.

With her new passion for redefining what inner beauty truly meant, Avalon’s journey evolved into so much more, like exploring the wonders of adaptogens, which helped her recover from severe burnout as a very busy working mom to her twin boys.

Always one to follow her gut, Avalon felt compelled to launch AURA Inner Beauty after her 'aha' moment as a way to inspire and empower women to nourish both their health and beauty holistically, from the inside-out.

Following her experiences, Avalon knows firsthand that when you feel your best, you can live your best life on your own terms.

Fast forward to 2020, when Avalon is not busy with AURA, she loves traveling back home to Vancouver and onto Hawaii with her family, so that they can enjoy those special moments together while connecting with life’s raw, natural beauty.